24 June, 2007

Editorial Collaboration

Botwyn likes to sleep on top of my mouse. This, I can manage; I just quietly sneak the pad out from underneath his (although we never say this in his presence) ponderous belly, and move the mouse cord lower so I have sufficient range. His velvety, wet nose is usually about a quarter inch from the right-click button.

This evening however Finn discovered the little white arrow that follows the text prompt on the screen. Shades of laser light flashing before his eyes, I presume, he planted his skinny self between me and opus #1 of my master's thesis. Punctuation and narrative arc become even more opaque than they had been to begin with.

I wonder if a margin set skirting the shoulders and ears of the feline would be acceptable formatting to my advisor?

I can't possibly be the first to have asked this question. All part of the critical dialectic so essential between academic and acolyte.

Luckily, like me, Finn has the attention span of a gnat. He has just decided that my glass of lemonade is much more exciting.

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